Christchurch Airport Control Tower

Airways New Zealand’s objectives:

  • To construct a new control tower to replace the old one and to provide Airways New Zealand with extended views of the runways.

What we did:

We built the 45 metre high, $6 million Christchurch airport control tower in an extremely tight timeframe. Situated in a constantly busy and restrictive airport environment, the new control tower was procured under a design and build tender based on a performance specification.

Auckland Museum Grand Atrium

Since moving to its current location in 1929 Auckland War Memorial Museum had seen one addition in the late 1950s, when an administration annexe with a large semi-circular courtyard was added to the southern rear. At Christmas 1999, the first stage of the Museum’s redevelopment was completed; a five-year restoration of its landmark heritage building, introduction of new building services and replacement of 9000m² of natural history, cultural history and war memorial exhibits.

Auckland Art Gallery

Due to constraints in the scale and flexibility of its space, it could only show 3-4% of its collection at any one time and was often unable to accept large exhibitions. If the Gallery was to do more to meet changing community expectations and to build its international standing for the benefit of Auckland, it needed to be upgraded and extended.