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New Oxford library opens its doors to the public

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The new Oxford library and service centre in North Canterbury opened its doors to the public.

Librarian Hilary Mercer said the 13 months spent in a temporary home at the Pearson Park Pavilion was all worth it.

"We love it, it's perfect. There is so much more space, it's modern, there is a lot more book stock and a wonderful dedicated children's area."

Mercer said everybody who walked through the door had been impressed.

"People have been telling us it's so bright and smells new; the interactive reading nook has been a real hit."

During moving day last week, Waimakariri District Council library manager Phillippa Ashbey said there had been a lot of excitement about the new building with people wanting to get in there and then.

"We have got a much-improved facility, it is purpose built with a delightful new children's area that we just did not have in the previous setting and an enhanced customer service centre as well as the best and latest in library technologies."

Work on the library was delayed last year after the discovery of a late 1800s stockyard well on the site.

The demolition of the eastern part of the old building was almost completed when, during removal of the foundations, contractors discovered a red brick well.