Hawkins Sustainable Craftsmanship on Show at the Master Builder Awards

Hawkins has proudly taken home several awards at this year’s Master Builder Awards, including the top award for sustainability.

Hawkins’ craftsmanship, sustainability credentials and meticulous execution were recognised at the awards for our work on Foodstuffs North Island, 6 Green Star rated, Head Office in Auckland.

Foodstuffs had outgrown their original site which was built 53 years ago and wanted to bring together all parts of their business in one flagship destination that delivered a ‘transformational environment’ for staff and visitors.

The hero of Foodstuffs creative vision was their commitment to sustainability and renewable solutions, which were weaved into a bold architectural design. Hawkins was able to help Foodstuffs to achieve this vision through our ability to uphold fastidious sustainable practices and deliver high-end craftsmanship.

Hawkins won the tender and began construction in May 2019, handing over the building in December 2020. What started as an already highly desirable five-star rated building evolved into a 6-star green rated project – a world leading milestone that aligns with Hawkins values as well as our clients.

One of the key factors in Foodstuffs achieving a 6-star green rating was a larger-than-life solar system fitout. The system is now the biggest solar farm in Aotearoa and generates enough electricity for the entire development’s needs and sends extra back to the grid.

Hawkins Project Manager Sam Gordon was involved in the build from start to finish and says from the outset Foodstuffs had clear sustainability goals.

“Foodstuffs’ commitment to a building with environmental credentials helped guide us along the build and to come up with creative solutions for the project’s constraints,” says Sam.

The ambitious build didn’t come without its challenges which Hawkins was able to navigate with years of experience in architectural construction.

“Some of the standout design features were the curved roof, sleek curtain wall façade and elliptical atrium, which in a time when rectangular builds are the norm, made this project extraordinary,” says Sam.

Hawkins has over 75 years of experience in the construction industry and identified that the curved roof structure with glass reinforced concrete (GRC) soffits and fascia panels would take time, and meticulous care and planning to successfully deliver. It was flagged from the get-go that the 900kg glass panels were a key area of complexity, therefore it was important for the team to deliver a construction sequence that would ensure the development was watertight early so internal construction could continue without hold ups from completing the unique and complex roof structure.

There were three main contractors working together on the project and the teamwork was a testament to the successful completion of several complex architectural components, as well as finishing ahead of schedule.

“Ultimately the teamwork across all parties involved in the development, and good planning, enabled us to deliver the building four weeks ahead of schedule which is a huge success story for a complex build in the current market,” says Sam.

You can check out more about the Foodstuffs development here.

The Hawkins team also took home the Master Builders ‘best in category’ award for the Foodstuffs development and the commercial fit out for the new Mediaworks building in Auckland. The Mediaworks build also had a focus on sustainability goals and the project repurposed its old materials, literally saving tonnes of demolition steel, concrete and building waste from disposal. Products for the fit out were selected with environmental credentials wherever possible including Autex paneling and insulation which contain recycled materials and adhesives that are Green Star rated.

Hawkins also won a Master Builder gold award in the industrial category for Bledisloe Wharf Car Handling Facility, plus gold awards in the commercial category for 10 Madden Street, Media Works, and Foodstuffs North Island.

Congratulations to all teams that worked across these builds, each development is a testament to the dedication and skills of our teams on the ground.

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