• PROJECT ACG Gymnasium
  • LOCATION Central
  • SECTOR Sport + Recreation
  • Client Academic Colleges Group
  • Duration Feb 2016 - May 2017
  • Value $7.7M
  • Referee Rob Boston, Property Manager, ACG
    Ph. +64 21 221 7170
    E. rob.boston@acgedu.com
ACG Tauranga offer an academically focused education opportunity for Bay of Plenty families and this state of the art gymnasium was added to the school as part of the ACG development programme.

Hawkins were initially engaged to provide ECI services; assisting with design development, providing value engineering options and buildability solutions. We were later awarded the contract to fulfil these requirements.

The three level facility consists of a full international sized basketball court which can accommodate other sports including badminton, volleyball, netball and indoor soccer. Two grand stands, one either side of the court provide excellent viewing areas for up to 500 spectators and four changing rooms below contain full toilet and showering facilities.

The addition of a fitness centre including a weights room and an open area with kitchen facilities make up the first floor, with three additional classrooms on the top level above the gym.

A delay to the architectural consent required changes to be made to the ceilings as new law changes came into effect, placing strain on the construction programme. In particular challenges were faced by the team with the weather extremes caused by Cyclones Cook and Debbie in close succession. These were met head on with the team making progressive gains wherever possible to reduce the impact on the programme.

The project team met regularly with the consultants through the construction process to ensure the alternative design requirements were being incorporated into the programme and fully understood by the delivery team.

The Hawkins team worked closely with consultants to deliver the project on time and on budget.