Hawkins 75th Anniversary

We celebrated 75 years of transforming cities, building communities at the Auckland Museum on Thursday 15th September with some of our team, clients, suppliers, and subcontractors. It was a special event where we reflected on our past and history, our loyal team and the future ahead.

Hawkins are proud of the legacy of our projects and as time passed, these iconic buildings are sitting proudly against the backdrop of New Zealand cities and local communities. Add to that the attributes of a company culture that has stood the test of time: the emphasis on relationships, fairness, health, safety and sustainability, and importance on having fun, and you have the blueprint for Hawkins and perhaps the reason behind the our loyal base.

We have a true Kiwi passion for great projects with great clients, great people and great innovation that will help Hawkins to continue to bring ideas to life for many more years to come in building New Zealand’s future.

Thank you for all those who came to celebrate with us.