Tauranga Indoor Sports and Exhibition Centre (TISEC)  Hero

Tauranga Indoor Sports and Exhibition Centre (TISEC) now ASB Arena

Tauranga is one of New Zealand's fastest growing cities, with a 14 percent increase in population between the 2001 census and the 2006 census. In late 2009, Tauranga City Venue, a subsidiary of Tauranga City Council engaged Hawkins to build an indoor sports and exhibition centre at Baypark in Mt Maunganui to overcome the shortage of venues for sporting and social activities. Located at ASB Baypark it would provide a multi-faceted combination of facilities in one convenient location.

Tauranga City Venue’s aims:

  • To provide a high standard of sport, recreation, event and exhibition facilities, programmes and services to the residents of the Tauranga City and visitors to the area.

What we did:

We commenced work in January 2010 on this multi-functional, 13,000m² building capable of hosting international, national, and regional sports events plus exhibitions, conferences and indoor concerts.

It comprises a central core area comprising two spacious auditoriums, four interconnecting meeting suites and two circulation areas connected by an expansive foyer and 9 full-size basketball courts on a sprung hardwood sports floor system. These can be adapted for a variety of different sports and are located in two main areas:

  • A six court area – predominantly used for community sports but which can all cater for other activities such as “Home and Boat shows”. Special blocking below the sports floor allows the facility to cater for the heavier loads required of an exhibition centre and prevents the sprung sports floor from being damaged by the higher point loads of display vehicles and equipment.
  • A three court area used for a diverse range of community activities as well as for national and international games. The level of acoustic treatments means full-blown rock concerns can be held here without disturbing neighbours.  A retractable seating system can cover two of the three courts, increasing spectator capacity from 1,000 to 3,200 people.

Unique challenges:

  • The construction of the piles led to some early programme problems and put the client’s opening day at risk. This was a result of poor ground conditions including uncontrolled fill and swampy ground. We worked together with our client and the wider team to develop a recovery plan, which worked well and allowed the client’s fixtures, fittings and equipment (FF&E) to progress as planned.
  • We had to implement careful planning and controls around proper curing and shrinkage of the insitu concrete floors to ensure these met the prerequisites for the laying of the imported hardwood floor (these were around moisture content and movement joints). This included laying the majority of the insitu concrete floors 9 months before pouring a delayed strip down the middle of it.
  • We needed to complete all high level ceiling and wall finishes before we could lay the floor, due to limited access once work on the floor had commenced.

The outcome: 
The Tauranga Indoor Sports and Exhibition Centre at Baypark is the first major sporting facility to open in the city for over 40 years. It’s billed as one of New Zealand’s most versatile multi-purpose venues.

Its success was measured by the quality and performance of the sports floors. Since its construction the centre has received many accolades from all areas of the community.

“The site team worked in a conscientious, collaborative way with the consultants and our client representatives, showing a great commitment to the project and were a pleasure to work with. “Hawkins planned and delivered material supplies and a small army of subcontractors to progress the works. Whenever problems arose a practical approach led to solutions. Hawkins fostered a culture of HSE excellence throughout the project and actively supported the client’s goal of zero harm. Their proactive approach to HSE management resulted in zero LTI and LTF rates for the duration of the project.”

Howard Severinsen

City Engineer, Tauranga City Council