Tyler Watkins, Quantity Surveyor

When Quantity Surveyor (QS), Tyler Watkins left school at 18, she like many school leavers had no idea what she wanted to be or do – but what she did know was that she was really organized, and her skills would be put to good use in an office based role of some sort. She gave university a go, but after a couple of years left and took a role as an Office Manager for a telco company – where she was fast tracked into being their CFO/Operations Manager/Wearer of many hats. From there she moved into an Operations Manager role for an Electrical company which was where she got her first taste of the construction industry.

This taste of the industry then led to her brother-in-law putting her forward for a Cadetship with Arrow International, where she also enrolled in Open Polytechnic to start her Diploma in Construction Management. When Arrow ceased to exist, she then made the move to Hawkins which she says, “is hands down the best decision I ever made’.

Having now been with Hawkins for over 5 years, she has already worked on a wide variety of projects which have helped her learn more about working and dealing with different personalities, and how to manage relationships to benefit the projects and businesses. She says “I started by doing a small toilet upgrade, and have since then basically dabbled in all aspects of commercial construction from hospital units, mental health facilities, seismic upgrades to my new project which I am so excited to be a part of, a new world class purpose built facility for science research .”

She continues “However, my favourite of those so far is the new mental health unit for the Capital & Coast District Health Board (CCDHB) which involved a high spec build to be completed. We had our share of struggles, not to mention two lockdowns, and the project taught me a lot about the kind of QS I want to be.”

Not stopping there, during her short time she has also gained experience in mentoring and training other members of staff, which has helped build on her management abilities. But what is her favourite thing about working at Hawkins? No surprises when she told us “It’s all about the people for me, we almost spend more time together than we do with our own families. I’m lucky to be part of a great team that I work with closely every day, but we also have great leaders who are oozing with knowledge and war stories that inspire me every day. Hawkins have also shown me that if you want something and you work hard at it, the support is there to help you achieve your goals.”

Being such a hardworking, dedicated member of the team – we wanted to know what Tyler does in her downtime “I’m a mum to a beautiful baby girl, a dog mum and my other half is a Fire Fighter, which means we are often ships in the night so spending as much time with them and getting outside with the whole family is important to me” she says.

“I also spend a lot of time with my wider family too, thankfully we all live in the same country which means I’m lucky enough to watch my niece and nephews grow up Hawkins and more specifically my current project team really encourage me to take a step back when I need to.”

We also couldn’t resist sharing Tyler’s embarrassing moment from her first week on the job. We found out that an innocent walk for a toilet break turned into a near miss accident after slipping over in some mud and falling flat on her bottom in front of the Plumbing and Drainage guys. Unfortunately that wasn’t the last she heard of it, with the incident being raised in a toolbox and having to complete near miss paperwork.

Finally, when we asked her what her advice is to people thinking about joining the construction industry she said “Do it! There are endless opportunities and although we might be living in a weird time post covid, Construction is a constant and the industry is begging for strong and capable individuals to be a part of that growth.”

What an epic career journey so far. We loved talking to Tyler and think her career is only just starting. We can’t wait to watch her achieve her ambition to grow as a leader in the business and industry by becoming a Senior Quantity Surveyor – the industry is her oyster!