Kumul Flyover, Port Moresby

Hawkins was awarded the design and construct contract in July 2013. We worked with our design consultant: Opus, local subcontractors and the local workforce to make the project a reality.

National Capital District Commission (NCDC) and the PNG Government’s goal:

Auckland International Airport Arrivals Hall

With 15.3 million travellers expected to use the international terminal in 2025 (compared to 6.8 million in 2008), the new arrivals hall needed to be substantially reconfigured and to grow if it was to continue to operate efficiently and effectively into the future.

Auckland International Airport Ltd’s (AIAL’s) aims:

Auckland Airport Pier B

With 15.3 million travellers expected to use the international terminal by 2025 (compared to 6.5m in 2008), Auckland Airport recognised that a substantial reconfiguration and increase in overall area of the international terminal was required to ensure the facility would continue to operate efficiently and effectively into the future.

A new Pier B building would provide access to four new aircraft hard stands, two additional gate lounges and allow dual air bridge boarding of large aircraft.

Manukau Institute of Technology Manukau Campus

MIT partnered with Auckland Transport and Auckland Council to develop an integrated transport hub on the ground floor of the Manukau Tertiary Centre. The station would feature high-quality facilities, including a ticket office, with easy connections between trains and buses.

The construction of the building was originally awarded to Mainzeal Property and Construction (Mainzeal). Following the company’s collapse on Waitangi Day 2013, MIT looked to restart the contract and embarked on a new procurement process.

Middlemore Hospital Clinical Services Building

Hawkins has maintained a strong and positive partnership with the hospital through the delivery of numerous projects on its campus since 1995. In August 2011, we were engaged to deliver the new Clinical Services Building, which forms part of the “Towards 20/20” strategic plan for CMDHB.

CMDHB’s aims:

Auckland International Airport Departure Facilities

Before 2006, Auckland Airport arriving and departing passengers were allowed to mingle airside.

University of Auckland Newmarket Research Buildings

The first phase was to bring several research facilities into one campus in a very short period of time. We won the work over five of our competitors.  

The University of Auckland’s aims:

  • To bring the existing research facilities together as one in a central location near the main city campus with good links to public transport.
  • To grow research activity to levels consistent with those of leading international research universities by providing new, modern facilities.

What we did:

Auckland Zoo Tasmanian devil Exhibit

Auckland Zoo, along with Wellington Zoo, Orana Park and two American zoos, decided to house ‘Ambassador devils’ to raise awareness of the plight of the species on a world stage and contribute directly to its conservation. In order to participate fully in the recovery effort, Auckland Zoo needed a purpose built exhibit to be designed and constructed.

Auckland Zoo’s aims:

Wellington Zoo Asia Precinct


Wellington Zoo and Wellington City Council’s aims:

Health and Safety

The safety of people on or near Hawkins sites is paramount.
Everyone has the right to work in a safe and healthy environment and to return home safely at the end of each day.

We believe that an empowered culture of health and safety amongst staff, subcontractors, clients and our project communities is what drives success.