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Point Resolution Bridge wins Monte Craven architectural building award

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The Point Resolution Taurarua Footbridge was awarded the Monte Craven Architectural building award. This award category was first introduced in 1998 as a proposal by Monte Craven to encourage engineers and architects to work more closely in respect of construction involving concrete. The criteria "displays a signifcant demonstration of functional suitability, aesthetic appeal, environmental sensitivity and/or is of such a form that makes its execution in concrete outstanding".

The Judges citation included the following: The Point Resolution Taurarua Footbridge's main structural element comprises a bridge deck cast in concrete, threaded through a painted steel exoskeleton reflecting the International Moderne style of the adjoining Parnell Baths, and its waterfront location. It is an elegant, clever and unobtrusive solution. The architecture and integration of structure and environment works perfectly- and showcases what can be achieved when value is placed on building structures that are highly functional and in sync with the environment. The twin-cell, post-tensioned concrete bridge deck achieves the large spans, provides for low maintenance and offers a palette for incorporating the pungarungaru (ripples on the water) design reflected throughout other parts of the structure. This footbridge is a striking and memorable landmark structre that enhances the waterfront perspective- it is a poster child for concrete, and the public will spend as much time admiring the bridge as they will the beauty of the Auckland landscape that surrounds it.

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