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Meade Clinical Centre


The five-storey 32,000m2 clinical centre is being constructed right in the middle of the hospital campus - parallel to the south side of the hospital's red corridor - and will link directly onto the car park at three levels.

The construction works have been completely segregated from the public and will remain this way through to completion. The project has been set up so that hospital staff and the public cannot get near the construction activities even though, in reality, there may be an operating suite only 2-3 metres away. By completely separating the construction environment from the operating environment Hawkins is able minimise safety and environmental risks.

The centre will include a 40-place day surgery suite, eight new operating theatres, consultation rooms, intervention suites and a radiology department. Two levels of the adjacent Waiora building will be refurbished, with level one including additional radiology facilities and level two including new intensive care and high dependency units. The scope of work also includes demolition of the Smith Building and refurbishment of two levels in the Waiora Waikato Centre for a new intensive care unit, high dependency unit and radiology department.

Hawkins is championing new construction technology on this project. The use of computerised 3D modelling of the building together with building information modelling (BIM) means Hawkins can identify exactly where the new building will interface with existing structures. Hawkins will complete a fully spatially co-ordinated, computerised model of the final building to ensure that all the construction components are fully integrated. Using technology in this way reduces the room for error in the construction process and speeds up document delivery.

Stage one was completed in September 2012 and is now fully operational. As indication of the sheer scale of the project, since the Meade Clinical Centre project began, there had been 1200 site inductions, 10,000 cubic metres of concrete used, 1000 tonnes of reinforcement, 400 kilometres of timber and 20,000 sheets of plasterboard.

Since completing stafe one, Hawkins have moved on to the second stage of the five-level building going up parallel to the south side of the hospital’s red corridor and linking directly onto the Hague Road carpark at three levels. The fit out for stage two is well advanced and has a staged handover planned to commence in March 2013. 

The scope of work also includes the refurbishment of one level in the Wairoa Waikato Centre during the third stage,  which is on track to begin about mid 2013 and a fourth stage which includes the demolition of the hospital’s existing Smith Building which is on track to commence in January 2013. The project is programmed to be fully complete by mid 2014.