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NZI Centre

The NZI Centre was an extremely challenging project that involved working closely and co-ordinating with the main contractors for the base build, Scarbro Construction. Hawkins Interiors delivered a programme of works specifically tailored to suit that of the base build, in particular where scaffolding and access to floors were critical factors in planning.

This was a significant project for Hawkins Interiors as the fit-out was the first commercial building in New Zealand to receive a 5 Green Star rating using the NZ Green Building Council Office Interiors rating tool (one of two pilot projects in 2009), which represents ‘NZ Excellence'.

The fit-out covered 8,000m2 of space, which comprised several distinct elements: level one including the atrium, staff café area, training rooms, and Wildfire kitchen; level two to five’s office spaces including the lily pads, atrium edge meeting rooms, and tea stations; the internal stair; the comms rooms on levels one and four; and the green roof.

Level one was the most demanding of the floors, not only because it is the largest, but because it serves a wide variety of different functions and houses some extremely detailed design features. Looking up from the atrium, the meeting rooms are cantilevered off the edges of the floors. Building and cladding these pod rooms in decortech and veneer required a high level of precision. Accessibility was also a major hurdle to these areas that we had to overcome. Once the marble was laid in the atrium (and there is a lot of marble) Hawkins Interiors could not scaffold or use EWPs.

Major construction of the heritage feature wall at the southern end of the atrium proved challenging. Over 15m in length and over 4m in height, this Tasmanian oak battened wall is a beacon for the building. It houses some of Auckland Museum's finest pieces of art in purpose-built cabinets that are a part of the wall.

The Wildfire Kitchen sits at the northern end of the atrium. From this full commercial catering kitchen, NZI has the capacity to not only host the café patrons but whatever function they desire without having to outsource. It also hosts the NZI staff in a wonderful staff café area at the rear of level one. The final element of level one is the training space that contains some complicated two-layer decortech and suspended tile feature ceilings.